Since February is Black History Month, Super Bowl 55, & Valentines Day and Ash Wednesday this month is all about being the “dream”!

Be the Dream

My message for February 2021 is to: Honor your inner King,Live out Loud and Be The dream! These are all about making your dreams come true.

With love in the atmosphere and being a goal getter in mind it’s your time to make your dreams come true and honor the past, and be in the present moment this month of February.

The super bowl is a wonderful example of this theme because it takes hard work just to get to play in the super bowl However only one team will win and their dreams will become a reality!

Dr. King was an action-oriented leader that urged people to stand up for what’s right with a powerful message that “You can be a King”!

This message has allowed me to consider how we can apply the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.into our own lives and communities! So this month I say let’s live out loud with love in our hearts, work hard to make our dreams come true and honor the phenomenal people that have made a significant contribution in the world.

Black history is more than just 28 days…. let’s do our best to learn more and be more!

Let’s “be the dream!