Happy& Hopeful to learn something new!

Warmer weather and brighter days are coming. Are you ready to SPRING INTO WELLNESS?

I have to admit that spring is my favorite time of year because of the new things that come during the start of a fresh beautiful month. What better time than now to learn a new skill?

It’s the Swimming for me!

Spring is the season of renewal! Get out of the winter hibernation rut and renew your commitment to wellness.

As you’re planning out your month, I wanted to send you over a quick invite to our 200hr YTT.

Find a NEW routine that supports your mental health and fitness goals when you join by May 15th. We provide virtual, and socially distanced mindfulness techniques, safe workouts, motivation and community engagement and activities that will prepare you for your new spring wellness training program!

I’m ready to spring into wellness and learn some new skills this month and am excited to start swimming lessons again! What’s your new wellness plan for spring? Feel free to share!

Be happy and hopeful for new opportunities to come! So if you’re interested in getting a new wellness certification I would like to support you this spring with a new skill ! Let’s do this!

Yeah spring!