It’s September 1st already and I am so excited for the present 🎁 which is a gift! Staying in the moment and enjoying these last weeks of summer!
I’m looking forward to seeing people in person (socially distanced of course!) at school and in the next few weeks celebrating the colors and sounds of Fall with my favorite activities.

So whether you like to have a fun time with friends and family or enjoy some personal quiet time, I hope you enjoyed your summer break and now getting ready for back to School season!

Back to School is in session

As we start to wind down 2021, I think we should stop and celebrate the little things! We have only four months left to the end of the year and something that recently caught my eye is that September is “Self-Improvement Month.”
I believe it’s a “made up holiday,” but it allowed me stop and think about how I could be practicing mindfulness over the next couple of months. Because when we work on ourselves, we can show up for everyone else!
I think it’s the perfect opportunity to pause and check in with yourself (remember: self-care isn’t selfish!), take stock of where you are and enjoy the moments where you currently are!
And since I think setting goals is an important part of self-care, I already have the perfect resource to help you to do just that.

For this month in September, for the new school year,I challenge you to:
1 Identify your why
2 Define your version of success
3 Set goals and
4 Put an action plan in place to achieve them!

I created the B-Wellness365 Self Care journal to be an endless source of motivation for you and your roadmap to success.
For the next 30 days let’s rediscover fun together as we prepare to get back to school together in our classrooms, our communities, for our future.September here we are!

Let’s do this!