November is here and the year is soon coming to a close, but BBBWI will still be here to help with all your wellness needs. We look forward to assisting you.

This month we are focusing on the holiday season slump and what you can do to beat it and finish the year strong by staying present organized.

Between zoom sessions and breaks from work and school, staying present with deadlines can seem almost impossible. But, if you stay organized and create a plan for the end of the year, you will maintain momentum that will make your work easier to maintain all year long.

Writing things down in a journal helps with accountability as well as saying affirmations for yourself. A wellness coach can help with organizing your thoughts using a journal, however having someone ask you challenging questions and share their experience can also take you a long way toward future success.

Many times we are stressed about the future or things we cannot control. A good coach will help you focus on the things that you can control—how you think and how you feel. My last tip is to show gratitude daily for yourself and others. This can improve your mood and offer a fresh feeling of a renewed balance throughout the day.

So for this month make sure to keep an attitude of gratitude, give freely and smile often. This will keep your mood upbeat and bring joy to those who you are around you. Happy New-Vember!

Brownie Wellness