Forever February: Celebrating Black History Today and Everyday

February is Black History Month in the United States, a time dedicated to elevating Black voices and honoring the achievements, hardships, histories, and cultures of Black Americans.  

Let’s celebrate together! When you recognize Representation, Identity, Diversity and Family with People of color, you are contributing to the movement and mobility of black Americans.

This years February 2023 black history theme is the renaissance. For decades, African Americans have resisted historic and ongoing oppression, in all forms, especially the racial terrorism of lynching, racial pogroms, and police killings since their arrival upon these shores.

However we continue to resist these attacks and will be fighting for justice and equality. Let’s remember to stand firm against rituals and initiatives that are harmful to Black people.

May we continue to acknowledge and appreciate all of the work that our community has contributed towards this country. Have a wonderful 28days of black excellence!

#representationmatters #everydayblackhistory



Forever February: Celebrating Black History Today and Everyday!