Some people say that “Spring tastes like strawberries,” however I disagree. My opinion is that the taste of spring can be anything!

This month let’s gather in search of delicious food, desserts, fine dining, sophisticated fresh fruits and vegetables juices, as well as water!

Our mission at BBBWI is to “Create a diverse, vibrant, and economically and socially sound communities within underserved areas.

We develop activities and wellbeing programs that encourage the long-term success of the self care, nutrition and health education, and art community. BBBWI promotes the awareness of the value of health Education and directly support arts/self care programs that encourage the diversity of US citizens.

So for this month of March, let’s take a journey to taste spring in the most healthiest, inclusive way! It’s mindful March, where we eat, & live mindful. Spring is in the area! Can you taste it?

#browniewellness #tasteofspring

#eatmindfully #mindfulmarch2023

A Taste of Spring is in the air!