Spring is finally here! Time to get uncluttered!

It’s April 2023, and this month you’re most likely going to be spring-cleaning your space, but what about spring cleaning your life?

De-cluttering can be rewarding to take control of your habits and create a clear life you want by doing a little spring cleaning.

These things can be uncluttered:

What doesn’t serve you, such as an unfulfilling career or relationship.
The clutter in your mind, such as negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.
Foods that make you feel heavy and swapping in nourishing, whole foods.

Don’t be fooled ! Cleaning up & decluttering has been shown to help the following mental health benefits:

• Boost your mood and help improve your physical health. The ability to complete physical activity while organizing can enhance creativity by allowing the mind to wander.

• Sharpen your focus.

• Energize you into productivity mode.

• Relieve anxiety.

Decluttering doesn’t mean you are only re-organizing your material items. It can also mean you’re simplifying every aspect of your life!

So remember that along with evaluating your habits and focusing on your goals, this month let’s identify ways to simplify your space and life. We can feel lighter and happier when we get uncluttered this spring season!

Time to get uncluttered people. Who’s with me?