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June 2021 blog topic:Dare to Care:Defining your own health

Everyone who has kids at home should try this simple self-care routine to be their best—because that’s good news for the entire family!

30 Day Spring Fever almost Summer Workout Challenge

7 minutes free from chaos

Join us for the next few weeks to workout as many times in 30days! Whoever logs the most time working out and does the most completed workouts will win a copy of my B-Wellness365 Self Care planner and a free session with yours truly!

Summer goals start now! Join us starting for B-Wellness365 30 Day Spring Fever Workout Challenge as we offer support in weight management, immune support, and physical fitness to get ready you ready for the summer!

The challenge runs from The 1st-30th

Spring is in the air and it’s time that we start making time for ourselves.Peace is a Priority.So when life gets busy, discover how fitting yourself in can make all the difference for your body, your mind and your day. My suggestion is to include Tools to fit yourself in with fresh air, self-care & more “ME” time!

Sign up for details! Let’s dare to care about our health and define our wellness goals together!

Strong Is beautiful! #browniewellness

May 2021 blog topic:

Happy& Hopeful to learn something new!

Warmer weather and brighter days are coming. Are you ready to SPRING INTO WELLNESS?

I have to admit that spring is my favorite time of year because of the new things that come during the start of a fresh beautiful month. What better time than now to learn a new skill?

It’s the Swimming for me!

Spring is the season of renewal! Get out of the winter hibernation rut and renew your commitment to wellness.

As you’re planning out your month, I wanted to send you over a quick invite to our 200hr YTT.

Find a NEW routine that supports your mental health and fitness goals when you join by May 15th. We provide virtual, and socially distanced mindfulness techniques, safe workouts, motivation and community engagement and activities that will prepare you for your new spring wellness training program!

I’m ready to spring into wellness and learn some new skills this month and am excited to start swimming lessons again! What’s your new wellness plan for spring? Feel free to share!

Be happy and hopeful for new opportunities to come! So if you’re interested in getting a new wellness certification I would like to support you this spring with a new skill ! Let’s do this!

Yeah spring!

March 2021 newsletter: Springing into action

March is a time for change, spring break and action. I’m happy to share this month’s Book club recommendation from author Barbara Stanny, who shares strategies to up your earnings and change your life! If you’re looking for ways to gain secrets of becoming a six figure woman, I highly recommend this book!

Spring into action & gain financial fitness with Brownie Wellness this month!

I’m also excited to announce our “21 Day Springing into action fitness Challenge”

Join us for the next three weeks to workout as many times in 21 days! Whoever logs the most time working out and does the most completed workouts will win a copy of my B-Wellness365 Self Care planner and a free session with yours truly!

The challenge runs from March 1st-21st.

Sign up for details! Let’s get springing into action together! You’re welcome people!

February 2021 blog topic: Honor your inner King,Live out Loud and Be The dream!

Since February is Black History Month, Super Bowl 55, & Valentines Day and Ash Wednesday this month is all about being the “dream”!

Be the Dream

My message for February 2021 is to: Honor your inner King,Live out Loud and Be The dream! These are all about making your dreams come true.

With love in the atmosphere and being a goal getter in mind it’s your time to make your dreams come true and honor the past, and be in the present moment this month of February.

The super bowl is a wonderful example of this theme because it takes hard work just to get to play in the super bowl However only one team will win and their dreams will become a reality!

Dr. King was an action-oriented leader that urged people to stand up for what’s right with a powerful message that “You can be a King”!

This message has allowed me to consider how we can apply the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.into our own lives and communities! So this month I say let’s live out loud with love in our hearts, work hard to make our dreams come true and honor the phenomenal people that have made a significant contribution in the world.

Black history is more than just 28 days…. let’s do our best to learn more and be more!

Let’s “be the dream!

A bright new year… let’s ride!

Riding into 2021 like this….

Hello 2021…& goodbye 2020!

As we enter the New Year (and look forward to putting 2020 behind us!), there are probably several goals we all hoped to accomplish that we didn’t get to this year. Between keeping ourselves and our families safe, maintaining our finances, homeschooling our children, and taking care of our home – it’s been a busy year!

However, while you’re still spending more time indoors yet adapting a more positive outlook, you can reignite your passion and energy and look forward to transforming the health and happiness of yourself and those around you!

For these reasons B-Wellness365 has Started a book club for wellness reading starting Monday 1/4/21! Once per month we will be meeting virtually to discuss wellness goals, literature and nutrition programs for ourselves and our families.

I am proud to have my self care journal as the first book that we will be reading this month of January. Here is the link to get your copy ASAP!

I look forward to joining you on this journaling journey! Let’s make 2021 our best year for self care and gratitude! Happy New Year,& welcome

2021! Let’s do this!!!!

Goodbye 2020…finally!

Join us as we say goodbye to 2020 since this is the last month of the year. It has been trying times and uncertain these past few months with self-care and gratitude becoming a priority and daily necessity. So as we wrap up 2020 let’s celebrate the month of December with a Wellness Theme of THANKFULNESS on our minds and hearts.

We as a nation have survived , and now it’s time to thrive! I’m certain that I vow to make this month full of memories with family, friends and new opportunities. So join me in this quest to finish this year with gratitude and thanks!

Peace and Blessings to you and your families!

Seasons Greetings

November 2020….it’s giving season

This year has been very challenging and uncertain. Between the hurricane, tropical storm and COVID-19, we could all use a break! Not to mention that it’s also an election year! I don’t know about you, but I am hoping for a gift to bring me some long overdue joy this season!

With only 2 months remaining in this year, I am sure that we’re all in need of some self care solutions for peace of mind and a pick me up. That’s why I’m happy to share this basket of treats for you! It’s filled with goodies such as my:

B-Wellness Self care journal in addition to a bookmark, calendar, bracelet, whipped shea butter and essential oils to make you feel better and support you on your self care journey!

I only have a few baskets available so let me know if you’re interested in getting these for yourself or as a gift for some one else. Remember it’s the little things that make a big difference in your life so let’s be patient loving and kind with ourselves and others while we get through the rest of this year. One love!


Self Care solutions Gift Baskets by Ivette “aka”
Brownie Wellness

Fall is officially here…2020!

It’s officially fall, which means you might be in the midst of creating a cozy and clean home – from decluttering and organizing your closet to opening your mind and restructuring your life. This season helps me to recognize that we could learn a lot from the trees this time of year.Sometimes, you just have to let go,trusting that new life will come.

Sweater Weather makes me happy!

Many of us are consciously making small but meaningful adjustments to our daily routine that support our mental, physical, and emotional health, especially as we continue to spend more time indoors.Sometimes, you just have to let things fall, and trust that it will fall back into place.Let’s learn how to let go of the unnecessary excess things in our lives and hold on to what matters and is important for our growth.

Fall is learning to let go! Now go put on your sweater and enjoy the outdoors!

Nature is calling you! Peace

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