No regrets! Time to Reset & Reflect

How are you feeling that the year is practically over? Happy, Sad,Excited, indifferent, or overwhelmed?

The previous six months were a whirlwind, however I hope that we will move forward productively for the next half of this year.

I’m pretty excited for this new chapter because I plan on making it adventurous, fulfilling and enjoyable.

Despite the rush of the past six months, I’m a firm believer that you can still make substantial progress with a sense of calmness and preparation in order to tackle new goals.

To avoid getting distracted and ensure you feel calm instead of overwhelmed during this hectic time, I’ve come up with 10 self care solutions for you to reset and reflect your life so you can start July with a solid plan of attack!

So grab a notebook, or your B-Wellness365 Health Planner and a cup of tea and write down any thoughts that comes to mind while you’re reading this post. Let’s keep track of what you’re feeling and get ready for the next amazing 6 months!

Here are 10 self care solutions for you to include in your life this month:

1.Reflect on thoughts and emotions 2. Move your body 3. Get fresh air 4. Eat and drink fresh food

5. Get good rest 6. Try Meditation/Yoga 7.Surround yourself with people you admire 8.Do things you enjoy 9. Read 10. Treat yourself often

I hope these 10 self care solutions help you reset and reflect this month! Enjoy the process!