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May 2023 blog topic: Self Healing and Spring Training

Spring is a time for renewal and growth, which aligns perfectly with all that you’ll achieve by becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher.

Whether you choose to feel more connected in mind-body-spirit by enhancing your spiritual practice or want to use the infinite wisdom of nature to optimize biological rhythms, digestion and energy, we encourage you to take this next step by enrolling yourself in our upcoming restorative teacher training.

Are you ready to get the wisdom and tools you need to make balance and self-healing feel natural in your own life, and then learn how to teach others to do the same?

Inbox us if interested. Our team is committed to equipping communities with the tools and resources needed to make informed decisions concerning their self care needs.

Our B-Wellness365 Restorative 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is preparing to graduate another class, and we are proudly on our way to serve the next generation of yoga teachers .We invite you to join our program today. It’s time for self healing and spring training!

Self Healing & Spring Training

February 2023 blog post: BLACK HISTORYMONTH is more than just 28 days

Forever February: Celebrating Black History Today and Everyday

February is Black History Month in the United States, a time dedicated to elevating Black voices and honoring the achievements, hardships, histories, and cultures of Black Americans.  

Let’s celebrate together! When you recognize Representation, Identity, Diversity and Family with People of color, you are contributing to the movement and mobility of black Americans.

This years February 2023 black history theme is the renaissance. For decades, African Americans have resisted historic and ongoing oppression, in all forms, especially the racial terrorism of lynching, racial pogroms, and police killings since their arrival upon these shores.

However we continue to resist these attacks and will be fighting for justice and equality. Let’s remember to stand firm against rituals and initiatives that are harmful to Black people.

May we continue to acknowledge and appreciate all of the work that our community has contributed towards this country. Have a wonderful 28days of black excellence!

#representationmatters #everydayblackhistory



Forever February: Celebrating Black History Today and Everyday!

November 2022 blog post: Slay the Season playfully!

Make this month slay fun

Join us in making the giving season magical and bright for children and families served by Bodies By Brownie Wellness! With your support, we can provide well-being programs to communities worldwide.

Our playful slay-ful well-being programs are designed to help participants navigate the stressful holiday time by maintaining health, healthy habits and overall well-being over the holiday season, which starts from November until January.

Slay the Season is a playful well-being challenge, created by Brownie Wellness starting in November and ends in January where we recommend families to focus on playful behaviors that will help keep people healthy over the holiday season.

Not only will you reduce stress during the holidays, families can create memories that will last for a life time! So remember as we enter the gift giving season, make sure to set aside time for playful ways for the next 60 days! Keep things carefree, fun and stress free! It’s slay-season!

Have fun! #browniewellness # slayseason #november2022challenge #playandslay #familyfun #stressfreefun #familytime #makememories

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