It’s officially fall, which means you might be in the midst of creating a cozy and clean home – from decluttering and organizing your closet to opening your mind and restructuring your life. This season helps me to recognize that we could learn a lot from the trees this time of year.Sometimes, you just have to let go,trusting that new life will come.

Sweater Weather makes me happy!

Many of us are consciously making small but meaningful adjustments to our daily routine that support our mental, physical, and emotional health, especially as we continue to spend more time indoors.Sometimes, you just have to let things fall, and trust that it will fall back into place.Let’s learn how to let go of the unnecessary excess things in our lives and hold on to what matters and is important for our growth.

Fall is learning to let go! Now go put on your sweater and enjoy the outdoors!

Nature is calling you! Peace