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Break Glass Ceilings

Break glass ceilings….
Supersize your life
We have not because we ask not
Up your game this year
It’s time to pray big prayers
Believe God for unbelievable things
Your potential is Gods gift to you
Your gift is your return to God

So remember to break some glass ceilings and shake things up!

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New-Vember 2021 blog post season of newness & thankfulness

November is here and the year is soon coming to a close, but BBBWI will still be here to help with all your wellness needs. We look forward to assisting you.

This month we are focusing on the holiday season slump and what you can do to beat it and finish the year strong by staying present organized.

Between zoom sessions and breaks from work and school, staying present with deadlines can seem almost impossible. But, if you stay organized and create a plan for the end of the year, you will maintain momentum that will make your work easier to maintain all year long.

Writing things down in a journal helps with accountability as well as saying affirmations for yourself. A wellness coach can help with organizing your thoughts using a journal, however having someone ask you challenging questions and share their experience can also take you a long way toward future success.

Many times we are stressed about the future or things we cannot control. A good coach will help you focus on the things that you can control—how you think and how you feel. My last tip is to show gratitude daily for yourself and others. This can improve your mood and offer a fresh feeling of a renewed balance throughout the day.

So for this month make sure to keep an attitude of gratitude, give freely and smile often. This will keep your mood upbeat and bring joy to those who you are around you. Happy New-Vember!

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Finally Fall! October 2021 blog post. Get ready for a healthy Fall season!

I can’t believe it’s only three months away from the end of the year in 2021,and we’ve had quite a journey! I have to admit that I’m excited for sweater weather and Apple cider donuts!

Since Kids are back in school… now it’s time to get back to you! It’s okay to switch your routine for these last 90 days and add a little “me-time”, Tea Time to your morning routine and even splurge with your diet and eat that apple cider donut! It’s totally okay but just make sure to balance your meal out with some good stuff like fruits (grapes) or any of your favorite fruits to eat for dessert snack or breakfast! Whichever works best for you!

So make sure this month to enjoy your time eating healthy, building up your immune system and balance your lifestyle with physical activity and positive change! Have fun. Happy Fall y’all!

Finally Fall Season!

September 2021 blog topic: Back to school &in-person learning

It’s September 1st already and I am so excited for the present 🎁 which is a gift! Staying in the moment and enjoying these last weeks of summer!
I’m looking forward to seeing people in person (socially distanced of course!) at school and in the next few weeks celebrating the colors and sounds of Fall with my favorite activities.

So whether you like to have a fun time with friends and family or enjoy some personal quiet time, I hope you enjoyed your summer break and now getting ready for back to School season!

Back to School is in session

As we start to wind down 2021, I think we should stop and celebrate the little things! We have only four months left to the end of the year and something that recently caught my eye is that September is “Self-Improvement Month.”
I believe it’s a “made up holiday,” but it allowed me stop and think about how I could be practicing mindfulness over the next couple of months. Because when we work on ourselves, we can show up for everyone else!
I think it’s the perfect opportunity to pause and check in with yourself (remember: self-care isn’t selfish!), take stock of where you are and enjoy the moments where you currently are!
And since I think setting goals is an important part of self-care, I already have the perfect resource to help you to do just that.

For this month in September, for the new school year,I challenge you to:
1 Identify your why
2 Define your version of success
3 Set goals and
4 Put an action plan in place to achieve them!

I created the B-Wellness365 Self Care journal to be an endless source of motivation for you and your roadmap to success.
For the next 30 days let’s rediscover fun together as we prepare to get back to school together in our classrooms, our communities, for our future.September here we are!

Let’s do this!

August 2021 is all about Maintaining Mental Wellness

Maintaining My Mental health is Self Care

This month’s book club recommendation for our B-Wellness365 Self Care Soldiers is from a brilliant author who captures the essence of what it means to make emotional wellness a priority. Dr. Walker does a wonderful job sharing tools for people of color to practice self care and I think this valuable resource will help many people. Remember… self care isn’t selfish!

I also think that it’s also helpful to maintain a holistic approach by practicing yoga, meditation or mindfulness. As well as gardening, hiking or walking.

So this month remember to be mindful of your mental health and make yourself a priority! Stay tuned for upcoming book club recommendations with Brownie Wellness & B-Wellness365 Yoga School!

Connect with us online or contact us for more info on our C-YTT 200 hour teacher trainings at or 347-675-4200

July 2021 blog topic: Join our Summer of Self Care series with Brownie Wellness

It’s halfway through the year and time to check in to reset your intentions and finish 2021 strong!

Our mission is to help support your wellbeing by offering workshops and fitness classes from July-October with our modified summer schedule.

Stay healthy, hydrated and happy this summer!

Visit us online for more info about in Person or Virtual

(group/private) classes, wellness workshops, in addition to nutrition & fitness classes.


Let’s stay safe and enjoy this summer of self care together! Thanks for supporting!

June 2021 blog topic:Dare to Care:Defining your own health

Everyone who has kids at home should try this simple self-care routine to be their best—because that’s good news for the entire family!

30 Day Spring Fever almost Summer Workout Challenge

7 minutes free from chaos

Join us for the next few weeks to workout as many times in 30days! Whoever logs the most time working out and does the most completed workouts will win a copy of my B-Wellness365 Self Care planner and a free session with yours truly!

Summer goals start now! Join us starting for B-Wellness365 30 Day Spring Fever Workout Challenge as we offer support in weight management, immune support, and physical fitness to get ready you ready for the summer!

The challenge runs from The 1st-30th

Spring is in the air and it’s time that we start making time for ourselves.Peace is a Priority.So when life gets busy, discover how fitting yourself in can make all the difference for your body, your mind and your day. My suggestion is to include Tools to fit yourself in with fresh air, self-care & more “ME” time!

Sign up for details! Let’s dare to care about our health and define our wellness goals together!

Strong Is beautiful! #browniewellness

May 2021 blog topic:

Happy& Hopeful to learn something new!

Warmer weather and brighter days are coming. Are you ready to SPRING INTO WELLNESS?

I have to admit that spring is my favorite time of year because of the new things that come during the start of a fresh beautiful month. What better time than now to learn a new skill?

It’s the Swimming for me!

Spring is the season of renewal! Get out of the winter hibernation rut and renew your commitment to wellness.

As you’re planning out your month, I wanted to send you over a quick invite to our 200hr YTT.

Find a NEW routine that supports your mental health and fitness goals when you join by May 15th. We provide virtual, and socially distanced mindfulness techniques, safe workouts, motivation and community engagement and activities that will prepare you for your new spring wellness training program!

I’m ready to spring into wellness and learn some new skills this month and am excited to start swimming lessons again! What’s your new wellness plan for spring? Feel free to share!

Be happy and hopeful for new opportunities to come! So if you’re interested in getting a new wellness certification I would like to support you this spring with a new skill ! Let’s do this!

Yeah spring!

April 2021 blog topic:Welcome B-Wellness365 200 hr Yoga Teacher training program (CYT-200)

Mindfulness…. every day awareness for every one…

Interested in getting certified in mindfulness and yoga? Are you looking to become a holistic yoga teacher? At a time of overwhelming mental health needs in our country it’s important to train the next generation of healers! Your mind and body are essential for every aspect of your well-being.

In honor of Lent,& Easter this month I invite you to Challenge yourself to learn as many biblical scriptures to remember in 30days.This month’s book club recommendation is the Bible!

Join our 30 day Scripture memorization challenge and 200hr C-YTT program this month and practice mindfulness,yoga while learning the scriptures!

Our 200 Hours Restorative Yoga Teacher Training will :

-Teach you tools to manage stress anxiety.

-Develop self awareness strategies in a holistic way to improve health!

Apply to our 200-hour training today and schedule your admissions call to get your special discount!

Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training will teach you skills to empower and equip you to enhance self care in your own personal life, relationships, and community.

Submit your interest, and our admissions team will be in touch shortly to learn about your intentions, answer your questions, and support you in bringing your self care and wellness vision to life!

Email us at:

Call us at: 347-675-4200


I am very proud of this wonderful opportunity to offer these opportunities and it’s no April fools joke either!

March 2021 newsletter: Springing into action

March is a time for change, spring break and action. I’m happy to share this month’s Book club recommendation from author Barbara Stanny, who shares strategies to up your earnings and change your life! If you’re looking for ways to gain secrets of becoming a six figure woman, I highly recommend this book!

Spring into action & gain financial fitness with Brownie Wellness this month!

I’m also excited to announce our “21 Day Springing into action fitness Challenge”

Join us for the next three weeks to workout as many times in 21 days! Whoever logs the most time working out and does the most completed workouts will win a copy of my B-Wellness365 Self Care planner and a free session with yours truly!

The challenge runs from March 1st-21st.

Sign up for details! Let’s get springing into action together! You’re welcome people!

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