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Break Glass Ceilings

Break glass ceilings….
Supersize your life
We have not because we ask not
Up your game this year
It’s time to pray big prayers
Believe God for unbelievable things
Your potential is Gods gift to you
Your gift is your return to God

So remember to break some glass ceilings and shake things up!

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May 2023 blog topic: Self Healing and Spring Training

Spring is a time for renewal and growth, which aligns perfectly with all that you’ll achieve by becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher.

Whether you choose to feel more connected in mind-body-spirit by enhancing your spiritual practice or want to use the infinite wisdom of nature to optimize biological rhythms, digestion and energy, we encourage you to take this next step by enrolling yourself in our upcoming restorative teacher training.

Are you ready to get the wisdom and tools you need to make balance and self-healing feel natural in your own life, and then learn how to teach others to do the same?

Inbox us if interested. Our team is committed to equipping communities with the tools and resources needed to make informed decisions concerning their self care needs.

Our B-Wellness365 Restorative 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is preparing to graduate another class, and we are proudly on our way to serve the next generation of yoga teachers .We invite you to join our program today. It’s time for self healing and spring training!

Self Healing & Spring Training

April 2023: Spring season is finally here! Time to get un-cluttered!

Spring is finally here! Time to get uncluttered!

It’s April 2023, and this month you’re most likely going to be spring-cleaning your space, but what about spring cleaning your life?

De-cluttering can be rewarding to take control of your habits and create a clear life you want by doing a little spring cleaning.

These things can be uncluttered:

What doesn’t serve you, such as an unfulfilling career or relationship.
The clutter in your mind, such as negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.
Foods that make you feel heavy and swapping in nourishing, whole foods.

Don’t be fooled ! Cleaning up & decluttering has been shown to help the following mental health benefits:

• Boost your mood and help improve your physical health. The ability to complete physical activity while organizing can enhance creativity by allowing the mind to wander.

• Sharpen your focus.

• Energize you into productivity mode.

• Relieve anxiety.

Decluttering doesn’t mean you are only re-organizing your material items. It can also mean you’re simplifying every aspect of your life!

So remember that along with evaluating your habits and focusing on your goals, this month let’s identify ways to simplify your space and life. We can feel lighter and happier when we get uncluttered this spring season!

Time to get uncluttered people. Who’s with me?

March 2023 blog post: A Taste of Spring is in the air!

Some people say that “Spring tastes like strawberries,” however I disagree. My opinion is that the taste of spring can be anything!

This month let’s gather in search of delicious food, desserts, fine dining, sophisticated fresh fruits and vegetables juices, as well as water!

Our mission at BBBWI is to “Create a diverse, vibrant, and economically and socially sound communities within underserved areas.

We develop activities and wellbeing programs that encourage the long-term success of the self care, nutrition and health education, and art community. BBBWI promotes the awareness of the value of health Education and directly support arts/self care programs that encourage the diversity of US citizens.

So for this month of March, let’s take a journey to taste spring in the most healthiest, inclusive way! It’s mindful March, where we eat, & live mindful. Spring is in the area! Can you taste it?

#browniewellness #tasteofspring

#eatmindfully #mindfulmarch2023

A Taste of Spring is in the air!

February 2023 blog post: BLACK HISTORYMONTH is more than just 28 days

Forever February: Celebrating Black History Today and Everyday

February is Black History Month in the United States, a time dedicated to elevating Black voices and honoring the achievements, hardships, histories, and cultures of Black Americans.  

Let’s celebrate together! When you recognize Representation, Identity, Diversity and Family with People of color, you are contributing to the movement and mobility of black Americans.

This years February 2023 black history theme is the renaissance. For decades, African Americans have resisted historic and ongoing oppression, in all forms, especially the racial terrorism of lynching, racial pogroms, and police killings since their arrival upon these shores.

However we continue to resist these attacks and will be fighting for justice and equality. Let’s remember to stand firm against rituals and initiatives that are harmful to Black people.

May we continue to acknowledge and appreciate all of the work that our community has contributed towards this country. Have a wonderful 28days of black excellence!

#representationmatters #everydayblackhistory



Forever February: Celebrating Black History Today and Everyday!

January 2023 blog post: New Year, Big Goals

Happy New Year! If you have BIG goals this year – especially a big goal to start 2023 on a “high” note, here’s some advice. This New Year, give yourself the ultimate gift of prioritizing your health in 2023.

In all the fast-paced craziness that comes around this time of year, mental and physical health are often placed on the back burner. This is your reminder to check in with yourself and make sure you’re taking care of YOU! 

Need some help getting back on track?

We’ve put together a mini checklist to help you to be your best self in the new year: 

 Get ample sleep each night 

 Spend time outside – take a walk, go for a run, immerse yourself in nature 

 Eat healthy, regular meals and stay hydrated 

 Set attainable goals and priorities 

 Give yourself a mental break away from any stressors 

 Treat yourself to something that makes you happy

From the Bodies By Brownie Wellness crew, we want to wish you an incredible 2023 filled with happiness, joy, prosperity, and plenty of fun, of course!

New Year-Big Goals!

We look forward to bringing you even more exciting wellness experiences in 2023. From amazing fitness classes and yoga teacher trainings to walking tours, food workshops and once-in-a-lifetime experiences – we’ve got your new year covered.

Happy New Year From BBBWI

Best wishes for an adventurous 2023!

December 2022 blog post: Holiday happiness

With December here, we want to encourage you to ease your body and mind into the holiday season by practicing gratitude for all the things in your life that nourish you, such as your community, environment, personal health, and passions.

Gratitude has been proven to promote greater happiness, health, and relationships. This month we’re grateful to share the good news and stories about acts of kindness but most importantly what we’re thankful for and what makes us happy!

Thank You for Making Our Work Possible

As we approach the holiday season filled with gratitude, we want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your support to our mission for improvements in nutrition and wellness. To our partners, Team Members, and extended family, YOU make our work possible and we are so grateful for your passion and support over the years.

Here are three ways to practice gratitude with us this month.

Pay for a strangers meal/items

Donate items

Volunteer at a local church/community center

Wishing you and yours a Happy holiday season! And if you’d like to start a new and beautiful holiday tradition, start with cooking and eating together as a family!

Holiday Happiness

November 2022 blog post: Slay the Season playfully!

Make this month slay fun

Join us in making the giving season magical and bright for children and families served by Bodies By Brownie Wellness! With your support, we can provide well-being programs to communities worldwide.

Our playful slay-ful well-being programs are designed to help participants navigate the stressful holiday time by maintaining health, healthy habits and overall well-being over the holiday season, which starts from November until January.

Slay the Season is a playful well-being challenge, created by Brownie Wellness starting in November and ends in January where we recommend families to focus on playful behaviors that will help keep people healthy over the holiday season.

Not only will you reduce stress during the holidays, families can create memories that will last for a life time! So remember as we enter the gift giving season, make sure to set aside time for playful ways for the next 60 days! Keep things carefree, fun and stress free! It’s slay-season!

Have fun! #browniewellness # slayseason #november2022challenge #playandslay #familyfun #stressfreefun #familytime #makememories

October 2022 topic: Approach routines with renewed focus

Try mindfulness for Renewed Focus

It’s officially Fall and this month is all about changing seasons and adapting to new things.

So that’s why I’m happy to share tips on organizing your mind or workspace and refreshing your daily routine as well as a quick, mantra that can help you feel better from the inside out.

Remember you can only control things that come from your own thoughts and actions. Everything else is out of your control and not your responsibility!

Here’s my tip for organizing your internal space. Approach your daily routine and get your mind renewed by starting your day with morning meditation, prayer,affirmation or mantra:

Peace is in me

I can do all things

I do not chase, I attract

Remember, you are the architect of your life and can only control your own actions, and not others. Mindset is everything. Elevate your mind and you will elevate your life!

September 2022 blog post:Welcome Fall, Mindfully

It’s September 1st, and for many people,labor day weekend marks the unofficial end of the summer season. In what feels like a blink of an eye, we are going back to school and vacation time is over!

The start of the fall semester finds us all in a unique approach, and if you’ve been thinking about winding down and stepping into the new Fall season in a relaxing & mindful way, perhaps a Yoga & Meditation Training may just be your best bet.

Join our upcoming Cohort 5 200hr Restorative Yoga training session this month to welcome Fall mindfully and help support yourself as well as others. You are setting yourself up for successful school year and ending summer mindfully!

Happy almost “Fall Y’all”!

Welcome Fall “Mindfully”

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