Mindfulness…. every day awareness for every one…

Interested in getting certified in mindfulness and yoga? Are you looking to become a holistic yoga teacher? At a time of overwhelming mental health needs in our country it’s important to train the next generation of healers! Your mind and body are essential for every aspect of your well-being.

In honor of Lent,& Easter this month I invite you to Challenge yourself to learn as many biblical scriptures to remember in 30days.This month’s book club recommendation is the Bible!

Join our 30 day Scripture memorization challenge and 200hr C-YTT program this month and practice mindfulness,yoga while learning the scriptures!

Our 200 Hours Restorative Yoga Teacher Training will :

-Teach you tools to manage stress anxiety.

-Develop self awareness strategies in a holistic way to improve health!

Apply to our 200-hour training today and schedule your admissions call to get your special discount!

Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training will teach you skills to empower and equip you to enhance self care in your own personal life, relationships, and community.


Submit your interest, and our admissions team will be in touch shortly to learn about your intentions, answer your questions, and support you in bringing your self care and wellness vision to life!

Email us at: info@b-wellness365.org

Call us at: 347-675-4200

Website: http://www.b-wellness365.org

I am very proud of this wonderful opportunity to offer these opportunities and it’s no April fools joke either!